Shoulder Impingement


Shoulder Impingement

Shoulder impingement is the space between the acromion and the rotator cuff narrows when you raise your arm to shoulder height which causes pain and irritation while raising the shoulder against the tendons and with the bursa. In top of the shoulder a arch made of bone and ligament is placed which attacks the humerus while lifting the arm up.

Shoulder impingement results in shoulder pain and also it is termed as impingement syndrome or swimmer’s shoulder. It mostly affect the swimmer who swims and also performs in other athletes who use their shoulder a lot in playing games such as baseball, volley ball, etc, The rotator cuff sits under the top of the shoulder which is called as acromion.

When you lift your arm up or work with your shoulder, the space between the rotator cuff increases the pressure which leads to impingement. While the growth of pressure increases in your arm, it irritates the rotator cuff and causes pain. Most of the people having major complaints in their shoulder having some kind of problems such as irritation, Pain, etc,. We are here to give the best treatment for your shoulder pain in two kinds such as in Non surgical process and in Surgical process.

The home care is nothing it includes the treatment of taking rest and to avoid doing heavy activities. Moreover, avoid strenuous exercise at the first step of the treatment. Medications used to reduce the pain and to gain the strength of your hand. Physical therapy used to restore the range of motion such as muscles of the shoulder, arm and the chest to get relief from the pain. If the treatment is not processed your pain to cure and not restored your strength, then our doctor recommend the surgery treatment to give the best result for their pain. Our surgeon explains the best and gives the best outcome of the surgery.

Our non surgical treatment includes:




Physical therapy

Home care treatment such as taking rest

Exercising to rebuild the strength of your bone.