Fractured Clavicle

Clavicle Fracture

An introduction to the Fractured Clavicle

Dr Sivaraman Shoulder And Elbow Clinic, we have best Clavicle Fracture Doctors with us. A fracture is the broken bone and it is the most common injury to the upper limb in the bone when treated with non operative management in the past. A bone may be completely fractured or partially. When a fractured clavicle is in a good position (non-displaced) it may be treated as non-operatively.

If the force is too heavy, the bone will break. Traditionally most fracture was treated with non-operatively surgery. It is believed that when a clavicle heals in a shortened position, it effect the strutting of shoulder joint out from the body. This results in the major upper limb muscles to work over a shorter length. If the bone breaks or wound down to the broken bone, this type of fracture is called open fracture. Once the skin is broken, infection in both the wounds and the bone can occur. Broken collarbone is the one which affects even the skin.

Such as if the skin had breached adjacent to the fracture and there is a neurological or vascular compromise. It is proved that the clavicle is a shorten position which affect the strutting of the body. The advantage of having the surgery of clavicle fractured is, it lower the risk of bone not heal properly, lower the risk of bone healing in a shorten position around the shoulder also improves the function of the arm and to get a better body image. The advantage of operation is explained to the patient and the choice is chosen on behalf of the patient.