Elbow Stiffness


Elbow Pain Treatment

Elbow stiffness is the most complicated injury. Excess bone can also be formed in the soft tissues around the elbow called heterotopic ossification. By exercising daily you can prevent the elbow stiff. If the elbow is stiffed, it can be splinted back to the functional range of motion. Elbow stiffness problem is placed when the patient is no longer to put their hand to their mouth or even to lose more than half of the straighten ability.

Stiffness can be either within the joint or outside the joint. Our surgeon will discuss about the problem of the elbow and give the best treatment for you. When having an elbow stiff, it is unable to move the elbow as you normally do. It makes difficult to do even the simple task. You can’t able to bend or to straighten the elbow as per your wish or to pick up any objects and also can’t able to rotate the palm to do things like washing your hands or face. Our surgeon and doctors give some treatment to get relief from the pain, such as Exercise daily or stretch your hands, splinting and if not the pain gets cured after this kind of treatment, our surgeon will explain the detail condition of your hand and give the solution of your problem. Our therapist will guide you proper exercise and by stretching methods.

Otherwise, he or she may also make a splint to wear which may be more comfortable feel for the patients. It is important for the person who have these kind of symptoms while lifting heavy loads and also have stuff in bending and in straightening the hand. Our doctors are always here to help you and to recover you from pain. Even the people who suffer from elbow pain are mentally disturbed due to sleep less and with a peace less moments. Hope our surgeon will definitely brings your peace and your good sleep back with our best elbow pain treatment.