Tennis Elbow


Tennis Elbow Treatment

Tennis elbow is a kind of tendinitis which causes pain in the elbow and arm joint. These tendons are the bands of tough tissue which is connected with the lower arm and the bone of the muscle. Tennis elbow is laterally known as epicondylitis which is more painful. Mostly, it affects the adults who perform heavy work in their daily life. Since this get pain and get severe later after two or some more months and also caused by degeneration of a tendon around the elbow.

Tennis elbow problem is the most serious problem since it can’t be tolerated by people. Tennis elbow pains when people work hardly or doing something by working with your hands. This tennis elbow pain occurs more commonly people who perform repetitive action with their wrists or with the elbow activities. By doing such work with the elbow which pains, it affects the people who go for work or do their hobbies or doing repetitive moments with your hands. We provide various tennis elbow treatments to cure your elbow pain with pain free.

Having such issues and problems in their hand, we are here to give the best treatment to cure your pain. We give you special physiotherapy to strengthen the muscle with pain less treatment. Also applies towel – wrapped ice in order to avoid skin burning. We offer them various treatments such as shock wave therapy, yoga therapy, acupuncture, etc and we teach various exercises to reinstate regular movement with your hands. Even though it is not cured, then we need to surgery for the better relief of the hands from the elbow problem.

Causes for Tennis Elbow pain problem

Overuse of elbow using wrist and with muscle.

Get strain when lifting heavy weight load by hands that leads to inflammation and it may tear a tiny part on the lateral epicondyle.

An individual person can be affected by the elbow pain as they o their work with the repetitive wrist, elbow and also with the movement of arm. People who play games may cause a high risk in elbow such as

Playing tennis


Video game players

And cause lower risk in elbow who performs other professions like



Construction workers

Heavy luggage lifting, etc