Frozen Shoulder


Frozen Shoulder Treatment

Frozen shoulder is also termed as adhesive capsulitis which causes pain and stiffness in shoulder. If the pain remains for a long time, the shoulder will become very hard to move and even to bend the hand to do even the simple activity and cannot have the strength to bend their hand to eat and not able to lift the water bottle to drink. Physiotherapy will help some people to get relief from the pain and have the flexibility to have the shoulder with normal basis for some time. Frozen shoulder mostly affects the people between the age of 40 to 60 and also mostly affect the women more than the men. The frozen shoulder is more risky for the people who take treatment for the diabetes. The frozen shoulder when in pain become thick, stiff and tight. This thick band of tissues called adhesive capsulitis. The frozen shoulder has three stages, the first stage is “freezing” stage which means your pain increases slowly and at last your shoulder loses the range of motion. The second stage is “Frozen” stage which is very difficult for the people to do daily activities. This stage mostly occur the diabetes people. The third stage is called as “Thawing” which tends to have a great stiffness for the people who suffer from shoulder pain. Our main focus and aim is to control the pain and restore their energy and strength and to recover them from shoulder pain permanently. We use “Steroid injections” which give powerful anti inflammatory to the shoulder pain and the joint pain and also provides “Physical therapy” which helps to restore the motion strength. Therapy may include stretching or range of motion exercise for the shoulder to get relief from pain. Heat is also used to helps to loosen the shoulder up and down. We teach more exercise to our patient to have pain free at night and while doing their activities and work such as crossover the arm stretch, forward flexion, external rotation and doing some simple yoga exercise using ands such as wall pushups, etc, this may help the patient to get cure from the shoulder pain. If not get cured in these type of treatment then our surgeon concern for surgery before the injury get severe with more pain and damages.